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Roche Artz

I purchased a king-size bed waterproof mattress protector from Sheet Street and this morning I come to realize the genuine quality of the product - I'm impressed! My 5-year-old boy wet the bed twice last night and when I took the waterproof mattress protector off this morning I saw the mattress was completely dry! This product is certainly within the Consumer Protection Act framework. It kept its word, 'waterproof'. Thank you for selling such a genuine quality product. Roche Artz, Vaal Mall

Tina Coetzee

Well done to Bongani for going the extra mile when serving Mrs Elf. "I applaud the service I received from Bongani in Newcastle Sheet Street" I needed 3 place mats but the store only had one .He phoned around and found another 3 place mats. He walked all the way to the other store to collect them and phoned the customer to let the customer know that the stock is in the store and she may come in to purchase it. Keep on going beyond!

Tammy Meyer

For Fantastic staff! And great products :)

Sonia Corne

Graag wil ek Harrismith se sheet street uitsonder asook elke werknemer daar!!!!! Ek is 'n gereelde kliënt wat baie geld spandeer in die winkel omdat ek huise oordoen op 'n goedkoper manier - my leuse is dat elke mens se huis mooi kan lyk!!!! Daarom wil ek graag hierdie staf uitsonder - wanneer ek iets soek sal hulle die stoorkamer fynkam/bel/planne maak om my te help - Sam is 'n pluspunt in hierdie winkel - hy beheer sy staf op sy stil manier en almal werk baie mooi saam - daar is 'n gemoedelikheid in hierdie winkel wat maak dat ek graag daar instap en my inkopies doen - hulle sal ook help met die aandra daarvan!!!
Baie dankie vir hul vriendelikheid en mooi optrede!!!

Jenna Robinson

Incredible staff with the passion to help you make your home look beautiful!

Hans Channon

Went to Sheet Street Centurion last night. What a lovely experience! All staff very friendly and offered to assist me 3 times. Not in that "May I help you spend a lot of money on something you do not need" or "May I help you so that you can buy and then get the heck out of my shop, you are wasting my time" assistance; they offered genuine, friendly help. A special thanks to Lidia for helping me decide what mats go with my towels (I am not really colour-blind, it is more a type of colour-coding dyslexia that horrifies my wife, dog and parrot). The gent at POS was also very friendly.

Duane Peter Frost

After being in seven other chaingroups today where the service was ... well... UTTERLY BAD!! I mean the average person can only take so many "AHH...", "Don't know", "What's that", "HUH", "Try X store", "Well it may not mean just because the system says that we have stock that we actually HAVE stock" etc...
Then we walked into Sheetstreet Wonderboom Junction and we asked for Satin Pillow cases. The gentleman actually knew what satin was (yeah we had to explain to another store's Store Manager what satin is) and stated that he do not believe that they have in stock but he'll call the manager. The manager was utterly friend and extremely helpful.
She explained that the store unfortunately didn't have but referred us to another shop that might have. We enquire about the store times and she called to find out. What a pleasure to go into a store where the staff actually WANT to help & bend over backwards for a client that wanted something that they don't have.
The moral of the story? Sheetstreet now has a new client, we bought some items there (R400) that we didn't anticipate to buy. Sheetstreet this is one of the stories that will be told at dinner parties & braais.